Clinical cases

Examples of clinical cases based on the experience of Medstar users.

Elderly health care

Remote health monitoring, regular checkups and simple sharing of data with the doctor and family.

David's story

78 year old
David has to monitor his health. What’s more, the medications he takes need to be taken at a strictly specified time. Unfortunately, David often forgets about taking his medications and monitoring his health. Additionally, the handwritten notes that contain information about his health often get lost or damaged. His family is not always close enough to help him follow his daily routine. As a result, David’s health condition has detorriated. Therefore, his daughter, Joanna, has decided to use remote monitoring to take care of her father and so David’s medical profile was attached to the professional telecare service.

Heart failure

A mobile application that allows you to collect test results. Notifications about the risk of exacerbation of failure.

Micheal's story

51 year old
Michael has had a heart attack and therefore was aware of the heart
failure risk he was at. He knew he had to monitor his heart condition every day. Today
his treatment process requires regular blood pressure measurements, weight, pulse,
and walking distance control. Daily monitoring is crucial for his safety. Last week his cardiologist was warned by early detection CardApp system. Michael’s health parameters have changed and the special algorithm also changed his risk group from green to yellow. One quick medical visit, one pill, and two days later his status turned green again. His doctor told him that had he reacted three to four days later he could have suffered from a serious heart failure. Yet Michael avoided it because the system warned his cardiologist on time. Today he can not only look at his health test results history but he can even analyze the changes in his body reaction to the treatment.

Pregnancy monitoring

Monitoring of well-being and health. Reducing the risks of pregnancy.

Anne's story

25 year old
Pregnancy is one of life’s miracles. Therefore, during this amazing time a woman should be occupied solely with positive thoughts about enlarging her family. Unfortunately, a 25-year-old Ann remembers her first pregnancy as a time filled with fear for her child and her own health. She spent a lot of time travelling from one doctor’s office to another in order to make sure that her unborn baby is healthy and safe. However, as travelling in Ann’s condition was not safe, she experienced constant feelings of fear for her child’s safety, stress, and insufficient healthcare.

Pulmonary diseases

Regular monitoring of well-being and health, access to remote medical consultations.

Mary's story

38 year old
Mary suffers from asthma. This is one of the most common chronic diseases of our civilization. Due to the lack of treatment or as a result of leading an unhealthy lifestyle (mainly smoking) it leads to a rapid degradation of the lungs and worsening of the overall health condition. What’s more, difficulty to access medical specialists and limited knowledge have an immense negative impact on the patient’s treatment. Mary doesn’t smoke but she is an allergy sufferer that further increases the risk. The lack of public awareness and the overall negligence leads to many complications in the fight with the condition. However, Mary’s life is now easier and safer as her condition is under control due to the remote monitoring system.

Preoperative rehabilitation

MedStar allows you to monitor your health and remote medical consultations before surgery.

Filip's story

39 year old
Fillip’s condition is not good enough for a surgical intervention (Fillip was diagnosed with lung cancer). Therefore, Fillip is advised how to take care of his body and receives a set for breathing exercises. At the hospital, he is also instructed how to exercise properly and informed that he should workout 2-3 times a day to improve his condition.In two or three weeks time, Fillip has to come back to the hospital where his condition
will be evaluated once again. Based on the results of the examination, Fillip will either be qualified for or excluded from the surgical intervention. Unfortunately, after a few weeks of exercising incorrectly Fillip’s condition doesn’t improve. As a result, he is not qualified for the surgery.


Remote healthcare reduces the number of visits to the hospital, thus increasing patient safety.

George's story

42 year old
George immunity system is weakened by the medications he takes during chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is bonded with the feeling of fatigue and general weakness. That’s why visiting the hospital poses additional health risks. All these elements made chemotherapy treatment very stressful for George. However, he has reduced the number of hospital visits by 50% since he started to use remote patient monitoring.

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