Senior health care

Remote healthcare, regular checkups, and health monitoring.

Health monitoring

The application allows you to regularly monitor your well-being and health.

Regular checkups

Observing the medical results of an elderly person significantly improves the quality of care.

Easy access to data

The patient decides whether he wants to share his data with medical staff or family.

Emergency calls

The family can receive emergency calls in the event of a sudden deterioration in the patient's health.


The MedStar application can easily be adapted to the individual needs of the elderly.

Multi-user option

You can collect medical information from several people using one mobile device.

MedStar and senior health care

Remote health care, regular control, health monitoring, and easy customization.
Regular monitoring of health data
Customized patient application
Multi-user option
Easy access to medical data for patients and family members

Discover the benefits of remote care for seniors

Real benefits not only for seniors, but also for their family and medical staff.

There is no need to record and note your doctor's recommendations

Access by a doctor to the results of medical tests carried out at home

Fewer visits to medical facilities

Medical staff can constantly monitor the health of patient

Emergency calls if the patient's health suddenly deteriorates

Remote identification of problems that may potentially affect senior

Easier access to objective test results

Possibility of remote care for the elderly

Access to full medical history and documentation

Better access to patients who live in remote areas

Less home visits

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