Heart failure

Powiadomienia o zmianie poziomu ryzyka, dedykowany algorytm przewidujący niewydolność serca.

Mobile application for patients

CardApp allows patients to collect the results of tests carried out at home

Dedicated algorithm

The collected data makes it possible to predict situations that will affect the patient's life.

Consultation with a doctor

The entire patient history is available to the cardiologist on the cloud platform.

Threat detection

CardApp calculates the risk of exacerbation of failure and informs the doctor immediately.

Increased security

Continuous health monitoring helps increase the sense of security in patients.

Lower medical costs

Systematic health monitoring helps to significantly reduce the cost of treatment.
Card App

Heart failure

Notification about the risk changes, dedicated algorithm predicting heart failure.
Mobile application for patient
Risk changes notifications
Cloud platform for medical staff
Dedicated algorithm to predict heart failure

Discover the benefits of CardApp

Real benefits not only for patients but also for medical staff and insurers.

Early detection of severe heart failure

Avoiding dangerous hospitalizations with an early diagnosis system

Increased sense of security

Fewer hospitalizations

Lower mortality among patients with heart failure

Better access to patients living in remote places

Better diagnosis thanks to comprehensive and objective results

Higher profitability of the insurance portfolio

Faster disease detection and cheaper treatment

Lower costs of heart failure related procedures

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