Health care at a distance

Give your patient a set of medical sensors to monitor and analyze patient health parameters.
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Efficient mobile solutions for health service

Ready-to-use tablet with medical sensors connected to central monitoring service

Remote treatment

Equip your patients with a measuring set. Remotely monitor and analyze their health. Track trends, add information to their calendar, and supervise their rehabilitation.

Ready to use

You can just take the set and give it to your patients. The system is ready to use from day one. You do not need to set anything up. We will do it all for you providing you with easy online access to all features.

Doctor dashboard

Doctors can use the central panel to monitor the health of all patients and track any deviations that require actions or medical consultations. You can see all your patients in one place and track their health record history.

Bluetooth 4.0 standard

The Bluetooth standard communication allows us to connect to any device you use. The technology is simple and flexible. Low energy consumption of BT 4.0 offers much longer working times of sensors.


MedStar offers the most essential sensors for typical chronic diseases: thermometer, blood pressure monitor, pulse-oximeter, peak flow meter. We are continuously working on additional sensors. In the meantime, all additional results can be entered into the application manually.


We have designed the application in compliance with the European data privacy regulations. Data is processed in a secure and certified infrastructure and its transmission is encrypted. The medical and identification data packets are separated.

MedStar and senior health care

Remote health care, regular control, health monitoring, and easy customization.

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Regular monitoring of health data
Customized patient application
Multi-user option
Easy access to medical data for patients and family members
Card App

Heart failure

Notification about the risk changes, dedicated algorithm predicting heart failure.

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Mobile application for patient
Risk changes notifications
Cloud platform for medical staff
Dedicated algorithm to predict heart failure

Pregnancy monitoring

Medical platform for a doctor, cooperating with a mobile application for pregnant women.

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Mobile application for pregnancy monitoring
Obstetric observation
Home CTG
A web platform for medical personnel

Meet other medical scenarios of MedStar

A modern way of supporting struggle with the most pressing problems of contemporary medicine.

Senior health care

The results obtained from regularly conducted health examinations of the elderly patients can be saved in one place and easily available for those who look after them. As all results are saved automatically, there is no need to take handwritten notes.

Heart failure

Heart failure is considered to be an epidemic that leads to over 4 million hospitalizations a year both in the USA and in Europe. More than 60% of them are preceded by patients’ bodies overhydration which has not been detected.


The results of regularly conducted important health tests (e.g. temperature, blood pressure, and pulse) performed by the patients are saved in one place. Thanks to this, both patients and doctors have easy access to all data at all times. In case of worsening of the condition, patients can instantaneously contact the medical staff via video consultation.

Pregnancy monitoring

Women can have better control over their pregnancy and the health of the unborn baby by daily, home monitoring of the symptoms, and the possibility to independently perform some basic measurements. The doctor will have direct access to the obtained results that will further strengthen the feeling of safety and comfort during pregnancy.

Pulmonary diseases

People who suffer from lung disease can perform most of the necessary medical examinations and report their health condition remotely. Therefore, distant and frequent medical visits can be substituted by remote medical supervision which allows patients to receive more systematic and effective treatment. Remote patient supervision also increases patient participation in treatment because it gives them the tool and the knowledge necessary to control their condition.

Preoperative rehabilitation

Patients are provided with a pulmonary calendar to keep track of their exercise plans. The calendar is also available for the medical staff. Every time a patient skips the workout, it is registered. What’s more, the possibility of a video consultation enables a physiotherapist to monitor a patient’s workout.

Clinical cases

Learn the stories of people using MedStar solutions every day.

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Poznaj historie ludzi wykorzystujących rozwiązania MedStar każdego dnia MedStar każdego dnia.
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