Pregnancy monitoring

Application design for pregnant women with the ability to share data with your doctor.

Health monitoring

Better control over the health of pregnant women and her unborn baby.

Threat detection

The collected data allow for an earlier and more accurate diagnosis.

Comprehensive data

Collecting data from measuring devices such as weight, blood pressure meter, and a glucometer.

Risk reduction

Pregnancy monitoring and medical care help to avoid 90% of the risks associated with pregnancy.

Doctor's control

Collected data is available to the doctor on a dedicated platform.

Stress reduction

Health monitoring helps reduce stress during uncertain times.

Pregnancy monitoring

Platforma medyczna dla lekarza, współpracująca z aplikacją mobilną dla kobiet w ciąży.
Mobile application for pregnancy monitoring
Obstetric observation
Home CTG
A web platform for medical personnel

Discover the benefits of MamaZone

Real benefits not only for patients but also for medical staff, medical facilities, and insurers.

Better control over the course of pregnancy

Reduced stress levels

Increased sense of security

Simpler home hospitalization

A lower number of miscarriages

Increasing the number of medical observations

Better access to patients living in remote places

Quick response to situations threatening the conduct of pregnancy

Reduced the number of hospitalizations

Reduced medical costs

Increased sense of security

Lower costs of home visits for pregnant women

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